Liesbeth Reynders, whose heart and hands founded SILT, learned the trade from Paul Van Gompel (‘t Hoveke) and Muhannad Faouri (Mudar ceramics.)

For years she found peace in handling the raw material and learning about the process of creating handmade ceramics.

In 2019 Liesbeth decided to follow her passion for clay and created her own brand.

SILT offers unique, small batches of wheel thrown creations. Pure, minimalistic shapes with a focus on delicate elegance. Each piece of pottery is as unique and individual as the next.

Every product is handcrafted in her own pottery studio, on the outskirts of Ghent, Belgium, where Liesbeth lives with her husband Pieter and son Rein.

SILT stands for craftmanship, earthly shapes and materials and sustainability through the use of natural materials as well as the reuse of clay and glaze leftovers. Back to the roots and to nature creates peace of mind and is reflected in every single creation.

Besides her work in her own studio, Liesbeth also teaches at Kafé Keramiek.

For more information see www.kafekeramiek.be